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Introducing Mineral Grit, a specially formulated product designed to provide essential calcium and minerals for small and medium-sized birds, including Canaries, Finches, and Parakeets. Unlike traditional gravel-based grit, Mineral Grit is made from crushed oyster shells, ensuring a superior source of vital nutrients. The key component of Mineral Grit is the crushed oyster shells. These shells are naturally enriched with essential minerals, such as calcium, which is crucial for maintaining healthy bones, beaks, and feathers in birds. Calcium is especially important for birds during periods of egg-laying or growth when their calcium requirements are higher. By including Mineral Grit in your bird's diet, you can help support their overall skeletal health and well-being. Additionally, Mineral Grit offers a unique feature anise oil. The oyster shells used in the grit are infused with natural anise oil, giving the product a distinctive licorice aroma. This natural fragrance can be appealing to birds and can enhance their feeding experience. While Mineral Grit is beneficial for most birds, it can be particularly useful for those with digestive problems. Birds experiencing digestive issues may benefit from the addition of small amounts of soluble grit to their diet. Soluble grit helps birds break down food more effectively and aids in digestion. However, it is crucial to consult your Avian vet if you suspect your bird has a digestive problem. They can provide guidance on your bird's specific needs and advise on the appropriate use of Mineral Grit. To use Mineral Grit, simply offer it in a separate dish alongside your bird's regular food. Birds will instinctively consume the grit as needed to support their dietary requirements. Ensure that the grit is always fresh and clean, and monitor your bird's intake to prevent overconsumption. Choose Mineral Grit as a high-quality, calcium-rich source for your Canaries, Finches, and Parakeets. Its unique composition of crushed oy

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