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Introducing the Congo Eucalyptus Pack of 2 Chewable Perch for Siting and Playing - the perfect addition to your bird's cage to enhance their playtime and well-being! Crafted from 100% natural eucalyptus wood, these perches offer a safe and enjoyable chewing experience for a variety of bird species, including Parakeets, Budgies, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Conures, Senegal, Amazon, and more. Our Chewable Perch is designed with your feathered friends' health and happiness in mind. The rough texture of the eucalyptus wood provides a natural way to keep their beaks trim and healthy, preventing overgrowth and ensuring proper beak maintenance. Give your birds endless hours of entertainment as they sit, climb, and play on these versatile perches. The diverse sizes of the two perches in the pack allow you to create an engaging and dynamic environment within their cage, stimulating their physical activity and mental agility.

Best Before: 24 Months

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Zen Lifestyle Private Limited

4th Floor, 405, One World Metro Thaltej, Ahmedabad 380054
Country Of Origin: India

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